History of Marine Rescue Rockingham (Inc) formally Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group (Inc.)

In 1979/80 a group of the Power Boat section of The Cruising Yacht Club in Rockingham could see that boats were getting into trouble and without local assistance tragedy could occur. The original 10 members of the club, using their own boats began the rescue service – the Rockingham Volunteer Sea Search and Rescue Group, as it was known initially.

Members of the public soon offered their services which became too big for the Yacht Club to handle so meetings took place at the members homes until the Waikiki Hotel offered a room free of charge, followed by the Clipper Inn. Various fund raising functions were held allowing a move to a hut in Peron Park where a radio room was set up and meetings were held there. By now membership had grown to allow 6 home bases, as well as 9 hours covered by the radio room at Peron. This gave 6am to 10pm coverage 360 days of the year.


On June 15th 1981 the group was granted Incorporation. This led to frantic fund raising, finally accepting the present site at Point Peron. Brian Burke, MLA Premier of W.A. opened the completed building in November 1987. By then we had shortened our name to Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group.


We were still relying on our members to provide their own boats, inspected twice a year to ensure the high standard of safety and effectiveness. This was soon to change when our first dedicated rescue boat was purchased. Named Alf Powell, fiberglass with an inboard diesel engine, it was a first-class sea boat. It was replaced with an aluminum diesel inboard boat (call-sign Alpha 1) which was soon joined by Bravo 1, a legally trail-able aluminum boat available to be trailed by road to Port Kennedy and beyond as required.


Alpha 1 was then replaced with an ex-Water Police boat named Jaimee Lee, which for some reason or other did not follow the tradition of having a call sign Alpha 1. (note: Jaimee Lee commemorates the life-saving of a small girl of that name from a capsized boat by the Water Police)


By now our building had been altered to have the radio room moved to a higher position allowing the operators to view the ocean. The Naval Association was allowed to build an extension to our building with a boat shed in between to accommodate Bravo 1 and its towing vehicle. It also now accommodates our training vessel, TV3 – the “Ritchie Bryant”( in memory of a committed member and contributor to the Group).


Two boat crews are on stand-by 24 hours a day and the radio room is manned 6am to l0pm on weekends and public holidays (but 6am to 6pm during the week days).


The building has been used for member’s social functions, lectures, training for radio courses, examinations for recreational skippers tickets, as well as fund raising by renting out to various local groups. The building is a Smoke Free Zone.


All our people are volunteers and no one is paid for the work they do in training-for and providing 24/7 services in  radio monitoring, boat crews, skippers, or supporting administration and fund-raising.


Fund raising is on-going, such as sausage sizzles at Bunning’s, collections at Boat Shows, and aluminium can recycling etc. Sponsorship is most welcome, with appropriate acknowledgement on vehicles, vessels, buildings and stationery for our major sponsors – eg.  City of Rockingham, Lotterywest, and several prominent local businesses. As always, the financial support of our Members is vital to help us provide the rescue and marine safety service which helps all “boaties”.


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