New 12 metre vessel well underway

2020 will see Jaimee Lee replaced by a 12m RHIB currently under construction. We are very excited. Jaimee Lee has served the community of Rockingham very well but is getting on being 16 years old.

2019 Statistics

2019 was a busy year. We assisted 142 vessel return to the ramps which also involved over 350 people that could not have otherwise gotten home. There were some very serious search and rescues which involved many hours on the water, several taking several days. Only if everyone wore their lifejackets!


RVSRG statistics in the calendar year  2015 were –

Logons for the year – Public: 2924    (RVSRG vessels: 540)

Search & Rescues – 7

Recoveries and Tows – 174

Value of Vessels Recovered:   $4.02 million

Number of People of board those vessels:   522

Cape Peron – Blessing
RVSRG Cape Peron
Cape Peron – Blessing

On Saturday 7th of March 2015 at 10 am, we will be having a blessing and naming day of our new 8.5 meter Naiad rescue vessel “Cape Peron”.

As always we would like to invite all members, and members of the public to come down to the head quarters and join us in celebrating this milestone, we will also be showcasing the new truck which in part has been donated to accompany the vessel.
So please get family and friends as everyone is welcome and we will see on the day..

2014 Statistics

RVSRG statistics last year were –

Logons for the year – Public 2848 / RVSRG members 470

Search & Rescues – 11

Recoveries and Tows – 131

Value of Vessels Recovered $3,639,250

Number of People of board those vessels – 452

New Boat Delivered

On the 17th of November 2014 Kirby Marine delivered our new vessel named “Cape Peron”, we have also been fortuate with donations over the years to source a 4.5 ton truck enabling us to tow the vessels whenever and wherever needed, view the photos

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