By logging your proposed voyage with a Marine Rescue Group, and updating your log when your plans change, you are ensuring that someone knows your whereabouts at all times and that a search will be organised should you fail to return on time.

Log-on with Marine Rescue Rockingham before departure using one of the following communications:

Information required at the time of your logon is as follows:

Call Sign

Your Marine Rescue call sign and / or Department Of Transport number (commonly referred to as the DOT number).


Number of People on board (inform the Duty Radio Officer if there are children present).


Amount of fuel (litres) carried.


Boat ramp / beach leaving leaving from.

Operating Area

Your area of operation (destination or fishing area).


Estimated Time of Arrival at destination or return to departure point.

Please remember to Log-off on your return to avoid unnecessary concerns for the Duty Radio Officer and the Water Police. Once you have logged on you will remain on the log until the Duty Radio Officer has been advised to remove you.