Radio Communications

A typical radio communication is commenced by calling the required station three (3) times followed by your call sign and the word “over” i.e. “Marine Rescue Rockingham, Marine Rescue Rockingham, Marine Rescue Rockingham this is Echo Bravo 123, Echo Bravo 123, Over”. The use of the phonetic alphabet will avoid confusion when using letters during radio communications.

Once the station has acknowledged your call you may commence providing your details for the log. Remember to say “over” when you have completed your transmission. The station will then confirm your log on or will request further information, please be patient, this information is vital for any search and rescue mission that may be mounted later.

Waterproof stickers are available (free of charge) from our Headquarters, at Peron detailing information required and Radio Frequencies, both working and emergency, you can also pickup a “Help Us to help You” leaflet.

What happens when you Log-on with a Marine Rescue Group

Upon receiving your Marine Rescue Call Sign and / or DOT number the Duty Radio Officer will ask you to commence your logon. Should the Duty Radio Officer be busy on another call you will be asked to “Wait One”, which means that you are first in line. To avoid over talking another transmission please listen prior to activating your radio.

All Log-On Slips are slotted in your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETR) sequence. The top Log-on Slip being the next vessel due to return to port. Should you not return by your advised “ETR” the Duty Radio Officer will commence standard “Overdue” procedures.

You will be called every 10 minutes for the first 30 minutes before the Duty Radio Officer informs the Water Police of the overdue incident.

The Duty Radio Officer will then be guided by the Water Police who will decide when or if we are to commence a search and rescue mission.

Always Remember to Log-Off

Please remember to Log-off on your return to avoid unnecessary concerns for the Duty Radio Officer and the Water Police. Once you have logged on you will remain on the log until the Duty Radio Officer has been advised to remove you.

Safety Procedures for Divers

When you have reached the destination of your dive Log-on with the Duty Radio Officer that you are ready to dive. Inform the Duty Radio Officer of the time you will resurface.

Should you fail to Log-off your dive by your advised ETR resurfacing time the Duty Radio Officer shall call you one time only prior to contacting the Water Police. This procedure is designed to ensure that assistance is made available as soon as possible after your expected resurfacing time.

Support our Volunteers

We welcome any donations or volunteer assistance as we continue our vital life saving work in supporting the community on the water.

Marine Rescue Rockingham is a registered charitable organisation and all donations can be tax deductions.